Enterprise Architect - Ultimate Edition - Standard License

Executable UML models, SysML, BPEL and more

The Ultimate Edition lets you drill down to the lowest levels of systems design and construction, with SysML, executable code generation for standard and hardware description languages. Business users can leverage BPEL, the Rules Composer and executable UML - in addition to all the advanced features that come with other editions of Enterprise Architect. Software developers can integrate their Eclipse and Visual Studio projects with their UML models and leverage the advanced executable code generators to target different domains.

Complete traceability and enterprise wide vision

End to end traceability and a truly global vision of your enterprise - unifying strategy, business process, interfaces, software, rules, data and fine grained systems. Powerful tools, domain specific technologies, frameworks, integration platforms and a consistent, scalable, and robust interface all work in unison to help you deliver on the promise of Model Driven Development.

Edition Features:

Executable Code Generation - Support for generating functional source code for State Machines, Interactions and Activities in C, C++, C#, Java and VBNet.
Full round trip support for Hardware Description Languages ie: Verilog, VHDL and SystemC, including support for generating State Machine code.
SysML Simulation Support - Includes support for simulating SysML 1.1 constraint models with results graphing capabilities.
BPEL Generation – Transform BPMN 1.1 Business processes models down to BPEL 1.1 code.
Business Rules – Trace from abstract business rules down to automatically generated behavioural code.

Included MDG Technologies/Architectural Frameworks

Leverage proven frameworks to structure and organize your complex development projects. Check out the following pages for more information on each product.

MDG Technology for SysML
MDG Technology for DDS
MDG Technology for UPDM
MDG Technology for Zachman Framework
MDG Technology for TOGAF

Included MDG Integration Tools

Tightly couple your UML models and your software development environment to maximize productivity and transparency. Keep developers, architects, testers, project managers and other team members in touch and on the same page. See the following pages for details:

MDG Integration for Microsoft Office
MDG Integration for Visual Studio
MDG Link for Visual Studio
MDG Integration for Eclipse
MDG Link for Eclipse

All Unified features, plus new in v14:

  • Data Bridge for Enterprise Architect
  • MDG Integration for Office
  • DOORS links
  • Row Level Security Configuration Interface