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Requirement management
Mind maping
Test and debug

The Requirements Management built into Enterprise Architect can be used to define requirement elements, link requirements to model elements that implement them, structure requirements into a hierarchy, and report on requirements.

Define an organized and hierarchical formal requirements model

Clearly differentiate requirement types, such as functional and non-functional requirements

Link and trace system requirements to analysis and design elements and implementation artifacts

Mind Mapping diagrams offer a flexible, visual notation to convey complex information. Typically used for studying, collaborative discussions, problem solving, brainstorming, presenting complex ideas and decision making.

A Mind Mapping diagram can be used to record a wide range of information in a compelling format that mimics the way we think about ideas as a graph of thoughts.

It can also be used in Workshops, Focus Groups and other meetings with Stakeholders or team members as a note taking tool.

A repository contains a graph of elements connected by relationships; traceability is the ability to explore this graph from a particular starting point in any direction. Modelers commonly think of traceability as just applying to requirements, and the ability to find which elements in the model realize (implement) the requirements; the term is, however, much broader than this and can be applied to any model element. 

The Traceability Window provides a dynamic, navigable view of the current element's relationships to other elements in the model.

Relationships shown include Aggregation, Inheritance and Dependency; embedded elements are also shown.

Auditing and Baseline facilities in Enterprise Architect allows you track the changes in data across your project.

Auditing allows you to enable a Transcript of Model Changes Over Time

Baselines snapshot parts of the repository at a given point in time, for later comparison and restoration if required

Sparx systems Pro cloud server

Enterprise Architect builds on top of its already exceptional code generation, diagramming and design capabilities with a complete suite of tools to build, debug, visualize, record, test, profile and otherwise construct and verify software applications

Providing information on the sequence of events that lead to erroneous events or unexpected system behavior.

Enabling you to document system features automatically

Enterprise Architect is much more than just a modeling tool and a repository for your business, technology, and engineering models. The platform has sophisticated facilities that allow you to bring your models to life with simulation and watch the wheels turn, tools to manipulate and transform your models programmatically, and execution analysis to create profoundly beneficial models of built applications.

Gain a better understanding of how a model actually works at run-time

Validate that your behavioral models describe the correct process or event flow


Comprehensive Enterprise Architecture platform

The perfect enterprise wide solution to visualise, analyse, model, test and maintain all of your systems, software, processes and architectures. Enterprise Architect is the ideal platform to help you to stay in control of your workspace, support your colleagues and team, enable collaboration and build confidence within your most complex projects.

Speed and performance

Enterprise Architect features a high-performance model repository for loading extremely large models in seconds.

Manage complex Information

  • Diagrams for modeling strategic and business
  • level concepts
  • Domain-specific profiles and reusable model patterns
  • Baselines and versioning to track architecture evolution.
  • Role-based Access Control to help the right people contribute in the right way

Powerful document generation

Enterprise Architect provides powerful document generation and reporting tools with a full WYSIWYG template editor. Generate detailed reports with the information you need in the user desired format.

EA Offering

Generation and reverse engineering of [source code]

Code generation templates let you customize generated source code according to your company specifications. Enterprise Architect supports generation and reverse engineering of source code for many popular languages, including:

  • ActionScript
  • Ada
  • C and C++
  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • Verilog
  • Java
  • System C
  • VHDL
  • Python
  • Delphi
  • VB.Net and more

Possibilities of automation

System Engineering and Simulation

Business Process Modeling

Full UML 2.5 support

Enterprise architectureThe Automation Interface lets you access the internals of Enterprise Architect models. Some examples of tasks you could perform via the Automation Interface:

  1. Automatically generate and publish a daily HTML report to your local intranet
  2. Script repetitive tasks, such as property update common to all model elements
  3. Generate code from a state machine or diagram
  4. Produce custom reports
  5. Execute ad hoc queries against the model

Enterprise Architect provide built-in support for:

  1. SysML 1.1
  2. Parametric model simulation
  3. Executable code generation
  4. Model to code transformations for Hardware Description Languages and ADA 2005

Activity diagrams, Object Diagrams and custom Profiles provide powerful modeling approaches for Business Analysts. Enterprise Architect's Business Process Modeling capabilities let you:

  1. Visualize business process with a UML profile for BPMN
  2. Generate executable BPEL scripts from BPMN models
  3. Validate the correctness of BPMN models

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architect use UML Profiles to extend the modeling domain, while Model Validation ensures integrity. Combine Business Processes, Information and Work Flows in the one model using our free extensions for BPMN and the Eriksson-Penker profile.

Model Collaboration

Work together and smarter with enterprise-wide collaboration powered by EA model information. Don't shoot 1000 emails!

Agile Model Reviews

Customized workflow-driven reviews on live EA diagrams for better focus and rapid improvements. Stop emailing documents and spreadsheets!