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Tag: Integrating Jira and Enterprise Architect


Enterprise Architect Jira Integration

Sparx Enterprise Architect now allows integration of data from a variety of third-party providers into an Enterprise Architect model. This article explains the configuration and possible ways to integrate Jira with the enterprise architect model.

Jira Integration can be done in two ways

  • Creating Virtual links between Enterprise Architect and Jira using Prolaborate
  • Importing Data and synchronizing between Jira and Enterprise Architect model using Pro Cloud Server

Creating Virtual links between Enterprise Architect and Jira using Prolaborate

You can now integrate Enterprise Architect with Jira through Prolaborate. Creating a two-way link between Enterprise Architect elements and Atlassian Jira items just got easier through Prolaborate. Prolaborate is a web collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect that makes model sharing simple, efficient and collaborative. Prolaborate lets end-users work on live EA diagrams and model information over an agile collaboration portal.

Key Features

  • Create Live links between Jira Items and Enterprise Architect Objects
  • Any Jira item from any of your Projects can be accessed
  • View details of Jira items inside Prolaborate
  • Visual Cues in diagrams for easy visualization and navigation for the items Linked with Jira

Refer to this article to learn more about Jira Integration using Prolaborate.

The workflows involved are

  1. Configure Jira Account
  2. Add Jira Attribute
  3. Add Jira Attribute to a Stereotype’s Form
  4. Link Jira issues to Enterprise Architect elements
  5. Preview Jira Items
  6. View Jira issue links from Enterprise Architect
  7. Manage Integrations
  8. Manage Integration Attributes

For detailed documentation refer Enterprise Architect Jira Integration through Prolaborate

Importing and Synchronizing Jira Data using Pro Cloud Server

One of the recent features in Sparx Pro cloud server is the ability to integrate Enterprise Architect model with external software like Jira. Linking and updating between Enterprise Architect items and Jira items made easier with the pro-cloud server integration.

Key Features

  • Import and export of Jira objects to connected Enterprise Architect model
  • Creating a link between Jira Objects and Enterprise Architect elements


  • Enterprise Architect Corporate, Unified or Ultimate edition v14 or later
  • Pro Cloud Server licensed
  • Physical network access to a server hosting the external data
  • User credentials to access the external data

Mandatory Details:

  • Server name\IP address of Pro cloud Server ( same machine then localhost )
  • Port number of Pro cloud Server
  • Server name\IP address of Jira ( base URL )
  • Port number of Jira 80 ( if the protocol is HTTP ) and 443 ( if the protocol is HTTPS )
  • Credentials of Jira account

Configure Pro Cloud Server

The SBPI.exe application is the Integration Bridge between the Pro cloud server and Jira which is installed by default into pro cloud server installed folder. For each integration with third-party tools like Jira a data provider must be created in the Pro Cloud Client Configurations.

To Create Integration Bridge

The Integration tab in the Cloud Configuration Client allows the definition and maintenance of Integration Data Provider details.

Step 1: Configure SBPI with Cloud Model:

Open Pro Cloud Config Client -> Integrations (Tab Shown Below)

Click on Save to add the new Integration setting.

 Step 2: Create a data provider for Jira .

To communicate with an external application (like Jira) a data provider must be created in the pro-cloud Configuration.

Click on the Add. You will be taken to the Data Provider Page (refer below)

Configure Data Provider:

Configure Pro Cloud Server & Cloud Settings:

Configure Jira Account:

Click on Save to add the new data provider configuration.

Once done with the above configuration as shown in the above image, please make sure Sparx Systems Professional Cloud is restarted under services.

Integrating Jira and Enterprise Architect

To View Jira Items in Enterprise Architect

Navigate to Specialize Tab-> Integration (in tool section) Jira -> select a provider (Created Provider will be displayed) -> Jira Project -> Filters (favorites in Jira)

All the items labeled in the Favorite filters will be displayed below.

Any local Enterprise Architect elements that are linked to the Jira item will be shown as a child of the Jira item.

Import Jira Items in Enterprise Architect

Jira items can be directly created in Enterprise architect with the pro-cloud server integration.

To create a new element in the Enterprise Architect model from Jira:

  • Right-click on a Jira item in the list.

  •  Select Create Local Element                                                                                                                Click on create, to add the Jira item in Enterprise Architect. Once created (linked), the element will be displayed under the Jira Item

To Link Enterprise Architect Element with Jira Item

An existing element in Enterprise Architect can be linked to an existing item in the Jira by dragging the local element from the Project Browser and dropping it onto the Jira Item.

Export Enterprise Architect Elements to Jira

Pro cloud server integration for Jira even allows creating new Jira items from existing elements in the Enterprise Architect. Create Items must be enabled in the integration provider

  1. Select the local Enterprise Architect element (in the Project Browser).
  2. Browse the external provider and select the required destination location.
  3. In the External Data Menu, select ‘Create Linked Item’.

Synchronize changes from Jira in Enterprise Architect

If any of the Jira item has been modified since the items created or linked in enterprise architect an indicator will be displayed on top of the item’s icon.  Right-click on the linked Enterprise Architect element and select the ‘Pull – Update Local Element with External Data’ option. (Any existing changes in the Enterprise Architect element will be overwritten with Jira data)

Update Jira with changes from Enterprise Architect

If any of the local element has been modified since the items created or linked is an indicator will be displayed on top of the item’s icon.  Right-click on the linked Enterprise Architect element and select the ‘Push – Update External Item with Local Data’. (Any existing changes in the Jira Object will be overwritten with Enterprise Architect data)

For more details please contact info@sparxsystems.in