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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

GANTT Chart View in Resource Allocation Window

The Gantt View is a tool for visualizing the elements of a project, package, or diagram as well as the resources assigned to them. The tool will enable a traditional or agile project manager to ensure that a project’s resources are allocated to repository content and that high-value outcomes are achieved directly from the repository.

Where Can I Find the Project Gantt Chart?

Users can access the Project Gantt Chart through the following options :

  • Ribbon: Design > Package > Gantt View
  • Ribbon: Design > Diagram > Views > Gantt View
  • Diagram Context Menu:  Switch View | Switch to Gantt View
  • Browser window Package context Menu | Open Package in | Gantt View

What’s New in Enterprise Architect 16?

Gantt Chart view in the Resource Allocation window

The revised Resource Allocation docked window now works as a Gantt Chart, giving users a better visual experience while assigning and managing jobs in the model.

  • The users can get a clear picture of what’s going on with any element.
  • Drag and drop to quickly change the start and end dates.
  • It’s simple to add and change tasks.
  • On work items, the user can zoom in and out.
  • For rapid visual reference, percent completion is placed on tasks.

Project Gantt View Facilities

Option Action
Display tasks only for ‘today’ or ‘another day’ Right-click on the display and select the option:

  • ‘Show Only Active Tasks for Today’ – to show only tasks that are in progress today
  • ‘Show Only Active Tasks for Other Days’—to show only tasks that were in progress on a specific day in the past, or that are scheduled to be in progress on a day in the future; a calendar dialog displays from which you select the day to examine
Display the properties of the element to which a resource is assigned. Right-click on the element entry and select the ‘Show Element Properties’ option.

The ‘Properties’ dialog for the element displays.

Display the Resource Allocation details for an element or resource. Right-click on the entry and select the ‘Show Task Properties’ option.

The ‘Assigned Resources’ dialog gets displayed. You can now edit the details and, if necessary, change the resource allocated to the element.

Display the Resource Allocation records for an element. (Also available in the Report View.) Right-click on the entry and select either of the context menu options:

  • ‘Show Element Resource Allocation window’ (if the window is closed or hidden)
  • ‘Find Task in Element Resource Allocation window’ (if the window is visible but showing the details of another element)

The Resource Allocation window displays the details of the selected entry and other resource allocations for the element listed in the left-hand panel.

You can edit the details and, if necessary, change the resource allocated to the element.

Assign a new resource to an element. Right-click on an element in the display, and select the ‘Assign Resource’ option.

The ‘Assigned Resources’ dialog gets displayed.

Further Information

Please contact us or write an email to info@sparxsystems.in to have a live demo about the new EA 16 features and capabilities.