Enterprise Architect 15.1

Version 15.1 builds on the solid feature set of version 15 and combines an incredibly rich new palette of tools and configuration options that greatly simplifies modeling experience and assists better governance and streamlining.

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Simplify User interface and toolsets based on Roles

Perspective sets associated with security groups on a per model basis allow model administrators to customize the view and scope of different teams (roles), based on their area of concern and capability. For example, process modelers could be limited to working with the BPMN, removing all other frameworks and tool.

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Matrix visualization of diagram element connectors

Diagram Matrix View

  • This connector focused view provides a view of how elements on the current diagram are related
  • Provides a relationship matrix view for the elements that appear on a diagram
  • Drawn in a style similar to the state table view
  • Uses existing quicklinker rules to determine which connectors can be created
  • Includes the option to limit the display to those elements that have relationships defined

Improved Model Based Glossary

Define your business vocabulary in more detail using the new Project Glossary, a model based approach for glossary definition. Organize your terms using packages and Elements with each element defining a new term. The traditional Project Glossary window will automatically show all model based glossary terms in its listings. These Glossary Categories can be nested or placed where required in your model.

Diagram Layers

Creating layered views is something that we always do when creating architecture models. Diagrams could have several layers spanning across Business – Application – Information – Technology models.

An ability to selectively turn on –off layers gives architects a really useful utility to slice and dice information and understand models better.

This is useful to hide parts of the diagram, and making it consumable in parts. The added advantage is that the Connectors are also turned on and off accordingly.

Faster Model Export-import Through Cloud interface

This redefines the way we’ve worked with model backups, project transfers and baselines in EA. The following pointers have nailed it and have solved several outstanding pain points (over the years).

  1. It uses native XML format for export/import, this is proving to be multi-folds faster than the traditional XMI 1.1 / 2.1.
  2. This does full transfer including complete model and all reference data.
  3. Allows Project transfer through Cloud Connections (PCS), which was a showstopper previously. This eliminates the need for a direct database connection.

Freezing Visible Relationships

EA’s capability to create a central repository and reuse elements across multiple diagrams in incredibly useful, however when a diagram is finalized for publishing, sharing or review, it is still prone to show any new connectors that might have been introduced elsewhere using the same elements. This disrupts the diagram’s look and feel and has always been a point of contention from architects.

EA 15.1’s feature to freeze visible relationships in diagrams that are finalized makes a gamut of difference, as the architects or the modelers don’t have to be nervous about some inadvertent changes in the model affecting their diagrams.

Workspaces can be accessed from the Portals bar or through the "Start" Ribbon.