Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is designed for use within large organization environments specifically to enhance team based modeling practice. As a scalable modeling platform, Enterprise Architect provides a range of deployment options to accommodate the variety of modern enterprises. Sparx Systems has extended its support for JET 4 Base Projects via *.eapx file in Enterprise Architect 14. Read to know more about new and existing supported repository choices and the benefits of using various choices.

Choice of Repository

Models can be stored in either a file based repository or a DBMS repository
  • File based Repository
  • DBMS

File based Repository

  • Enterprise Architect Project / JET 4 Base Projects (*.eapx) – Newly introduced in Enterprise Architect 14
  • Enterprise Architect Project / JET 3.5 (*.eap)
  • Enterprise Architect Project / Firebird (*.feap)

In Enterprise Architect 14 Sparx Systems has added support to Jet 4 base projects by introducing *.eapx file. Jet 4 databases support Unicode. Previous versions of Enterprise Architect 14 supported in Jet 3.5 database which doesn’t support Unicode. Also the advantage of using *.eapx file is in some circumstances database corruption would cause a Jet 3.5 model to fail to open in Jet 3.5 code, but Jet 4 code ignores or handles the error.

The benefits of this repository type are:

  • Replication of the repository
  • Simple file access across a shared network drive

The limitations of this repository type to consider are:

  • Concurrent access is limited to small groups of users
  • Data corruption can occur if there is a network/power failure while editing
  • There are limitations on the data size supported by the Jet database (less than 30-40 mb is recommended)

DBMS Repository

Using a DBMS repository overcomes the limitations of file-based repositories. Typically, dedicated DBMS servers provide faster response times for a larger user base than the file based repositories. Further, any network errors are handled by the ability of the DBMS server to roll back transaction failure caused by external conditions. DBMS repositories can be accessed from a Cloud service. Although replication is not supported with DBMS repositories, with the Cloud connectivity replication is largely superseded. Enterprise Architect supports the 10 most popular types of DBMS server repositories.

DBMS Products you can use

You can set up your project on a repository in:
  • MySQL from v5
  • Microsoft SQL Server from 2005, all editions including Express and Azure
  • Oracle from 9i (all editions)
  • Firebird from v2
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft Access from 2007
  • PostgreSQL from v8
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 8 or 9, or SQL Anywhere 10, 11 or 12