Project Browser(Start > Browse > Project Browser) is similar to windows explorer which displays model objects like packages, diagrams and elements in a hierarchy, reflecting the order of elements and packages within Enterprise Architect Repository. The Project Browser helps to explore Enterprise Architect Repository and dive into tiny details of objects anywhere within the model. This article briefs features introduced in the recent version (Enterprise Architect 14) of project browser and usage of project browser.

Project Browser

In Enterprise Architect 14, Sparx introduced tabs within project browser. Project Browser tabs are:

  • Global (Entire Repository)
  • Context (Context Package Specific)

Global Tab


The full model structure is represented in the 'Global' tab of the Project Browser. You can also select a View, Package or element at any level and focus the display on just the portion of the structure underneath that object

Context Tab


The structure of Project Browser has been redefined in Enterprise Architect 14. The ‘Context’ tab provides a simplified, focused view of a section of the model, separated from the full structure. This helps you to concentrate on the area of the model you are working on, and is very useful when you are re-organizing that section as it reduces the risk of dragging objects into the wrong area of the model

Project Browser Usage

  • Review the structure, content and organization of your model
  • Drill down to specific elements
  • Drag and drop elements and Packages within the model
  • Copy (duplicate) whole Packages
  • Import/export model information
  • Set up version control, locking, execution analysis and many other aspects of the model tied to a particular Package
  • Document models
  • Import code, Xmi and csv files, database schema and other external data sources

The Project Browser provides a range of context menus through which you can perform additional actions such as adding new Packages, creating diagrams, renaming items, creating documentation and other reports, and deleting model elements. Also edit the name of objects in the Project Browser by selecting the object and pressing F2.