Enterprise Architect 14 Model Pattern Window looks very impressive than all its previous versions. The patterns listed in Model pattern window based on selected perspective. Also, in Enterprise Architect 14 model pattern gives a brief note along with help files for each pattern. Start your project using a rich library of expertly crafted patterns.

Patterns are tightly integrated with the perspectives facility. They are pre-formed model fragments expertly created to give you a starting point or reference model regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced modeler. Each perspective has a set of patterns designed to make working with the perspective easy and resulting in significant productivity gains and model quality.

Element Properties
  • Starter patterns for a huge range of modeling needs
  • Covering a wide range of languages, frameworks and disciplines from Strategy, UML, SysML, Ux Design, Information Exchange and much more
  • Patterns for the novice and expert alike
  • Full documentation and explanation of the pattern and how to work with it
  • A rich reference section including help and tool advice is included

To Access:

Right Click on Root Node | Add a Model Using Wizard | Model Patterns.

Key Board Shortcut | Ctrl + Shift + M.

Ribbon | Design | Package | Insert Using Model Wizard.

Note : Select the Required Pattern, right click on it. And opt for Create Selected Pattern.