The Toolbox is a panel of icons that used to create elements and connectors on a diagram.

Within the Toolbox, related elements and connectors are organized into pages, each page containing the elements or connectors used for a particular type of diagram. The diagrams include standard UML diagrams, Enterprise Architect Extended diagrams, and diagrams customized for any MDG Technologies and Profiles that you have added to Enterprise Architect.

Toolbox is context specific to a diagram. The toolbox automatically change based on active diagram on workspace.

Toolbox Search Capability Enterprise Architect 14

Sparx Systems has introduced a new search capability within toolbox in Enterprise Architect 14. This new feature helps the users to quickly search and find items in toolboxes. The search list the items based on active frameworks in the current model.

Searches Toolbox
Access from toolbox Click on search icon to activate item finder
Access from the diagram Use the "Other" entry in the diagram context menu accessed by pressing the space bar
Search Text Box Type into the Search Term field to quickly locate a model item on current toolbox
toolbox Toolboxitem