MDG Technology for Zachman Framework - Floating

Sparx Systems provides compelling support for the Zachman Framework.

The Zachman Framework is known for a solid history of helping enterprises collate, organize and structure their intellectual capital.

Sparx Systems’ new MDG Technology underpins the organizational viewpoints and structures of the Zachman Framework with great depth, breadth and modeling integrity. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect models are based on the UML 2.5 standard, with extensions for requirements modeling, testing, project management, mind mapping, and much more.

With a wealth of capabilities built into the base modeling tool – the Zachman Framework comes alive to provide maximum organization benefit.

MDG Technology for Zachman Framework:

Provides a powerful planning device to the enterprise
Helps align Business with IT by providing end-to-end traceability from strategic business goals to implemented solutions
Simplifies enterprise documentation with visual models that are built on open standards and readily understood by non-IT people
Provides an integrated, scalable approach to documenting enterprise-wide information architectures.


  • A visual, clickable interface for the Zachman Framework
  • Hierarchical model structures that support each cell within the framework
  • UML profiles for Business Scorecards, Mind Mapping and Business Process modeling
  • Useful model starters to help you become productive quickly
  • Framework-specific model validation to help ensure consistency and correctness
  • Cluster Report and Process Map generation to facilitate strategic project planning
  • Detailed example model