The UML profiles for DoDAF and MODAF enable practitioners to create models using the Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense architectural frameworks. These models are organized into a set of viewpoints that address the needs of specific stakeholders.

MDG Technology for DoDAF-MODAF allows Enterprise Architect users to:

  • Create architectural models for large-scale systems, which may include hardware, software, data, personnel and facility elements.
  • Define consistent architectures for modeling systems-of-systems.
  • Analyze, specify, design, and verify system models using appropriate levels of abstraction.
  • Employ a rigorous, standards based approach to defining and exchanging architecture information using UML, XMI and related standards.


  • Comprehensive UML Profiles for DoDAF and MODAF
  • A visual, clickable framework interface for DoDAF and MODAF model hierarchies
  • DoDAF and MODAF model templates with context-sensitive modeling to maximize productivity
  • Model validation to help ensure consistency and correctness
  • Easy navigation of architecture diagrams in the dynamic Model Views window
  • Profiles for Enterprise Architect’s Element List and Relationship Matrix to display and edit the model in tabular form
  • Detailed example model