MDG Technology for DDS

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect supports the OMG DDS Standard

Enterprise Architect, together with MDG technology for DDS delivers a powerful, low cost design environment for creating complex data-centric publish-subscribe services for real-time and embedded applications.

Capture heterogeneous DDS publish subscribe services, specify data topics and design Local Reconstruction data structures for effective distributed system design.

Note: Version 2.0 of the MDG Technology for DDS requires Enterprise Architect version 7.5 - to gain access to the MDG Technology for DDS v1.0 which is 7.1 compatible please download the previous installer.

The Object Management Group's Data Distribution Service is the first open middleware standard that addresses the publish-subscribe communications needs for real-time and embedded systems.

MDG Technology for DDS helps engineers and architects to design complex data communications services that operate upon extensive, stringent Quality of Service parameters that govern reliability, bandwidth, delivery deadlines and resource limits.

Design complex, data-centric publish-subscribe services for OpenSplice and RTI DDS with Enterprise Architect.

Key Features

  • Specify Data-Centric Publishers, Subscribers, Topics and QoS Policies
  • Define Data Local Reconstruction mappings for effective DDS data access
  • Create heterogeneous DDS applications across different host environments
  • Generate executable source code in C, C++, C#, Java using MDA (Model Driven Architecture)
  • Target DDS implementations for the OpenSplice and RTI platforms