MDG Link for DOORS - Floating

Simple, easy to use link between Enterprise Architect and Telelogic’s DOORS

The Model Driven Generation (MDG) Link for DOORS provides a lightweight bridge for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and Telelogic’s DOORS®. MDG Link for DOORS users can now combine requirements created in DOORS® with the power of UML2.x. The requirements import feature allows EA projects to develop and grow in line with the requirement specifications defined in DOORS.

MDG Link provides users of Telelogic DOORS with direct traceability of requirements data to Enterprise Architect system models. Traceability can be maintained over time, using a continuous synchronization process that allows updates made in DOORS to be reflected in Enterprise Architect.

Key Features

  • Direct import of DOORS® modules into EA
  • User definable mapping of DOORS® Attributes to EA fields and tagged values
  • DOORS® tree reflected in the EA hierarchy
  • Synchronization of imported DOORS® modules
  • Filtered import using DOORS® View Filtering