Lieber Lieber AUTOSAR Engineer

LieberLieber AUTOSAR Engineer is a new product package from LieberLieber for the professional creation of AUTOSAR models using Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems. This package is based on a UML AUTOSAR profile that allows the creation of models directly in Enterprise Architect in accordance with the AUTOSAR 4 Virtual Function Bus (VFB) specification. The profile provides all necessary AUTOSAR elements like components, interfaces, runnables, etc.

The LieberLieber Modeling Assistants are built in to ensure fast and fluid modeling. These assist modelers by, for example, automating the transfer of setting when model elements are connected, or during the layout of components with port elements. They increase productivity, save time, provide extended layout functionalities and ensure a valid model, because they extend the model validation capabilities of Enterprise Architect with a focus on AUTOSAR modeling.

You can export the data from your AUTOSAR model using the LieberLieber AUTOSAR Connector in the AUTOSAR ARXML format, with which a continuous AUTOSAR tool chain can be configured or the model can be integrated into an existing tool chain.

LieberLieber AUTOSAR Engineer offers the following features:

  • Support for the AUTOSAR 4 VFB modeling standard (component types, interfaces, runables, …) by a UML2 profile
  • Inclusion of further modeling options (e.g. modeling of events to start runnables)
  • Intelligent modeling support from modeling assistants in the background – e.g. name, type and direction are automatically set on a new connected port
  • Enterprise Architect Quick-Linker is supported
  • Mixed modeling with UML and SysML in the same repository is possible and supported
  • ARXML export