Execute Enterprise Architect Scripts from an External Program

We can execute Enterprise Architect Scripts from an external C# Application. Enterprise Architect supports a flexible and easy to use scripting capability. Enterprise Architect supports three scripting languages JavaScript and Microsoft JScript/VBScript. Pros Hassle-free updates in restricted environments – Not necessary to re-install addins Introduce new feature in less time – Create New functionality using Read more about Execute Enterprise Architect Scripts from an External Program[…]

Enterprise Architect 14 Preview

Hello Enterprise Architect Users, Sparx Systems is planning to launch Enterprise Architect 14 this year. As usual the whole community is looking for ✔What is new in Enterprise Architect 14? ✔Is there something cool that would benefit us? ✔When will Enterprise Architect version 14 be released? ✔Will there a beta release? These all are some Read more about Enterprise Architect 14 Preview[…]

Publish model contents to PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint integration provides easy access to Enterprise Architect’s model within PowerPoint presentations. Insert diagrams and elements from Enterprise Architect model in power point slides with references. These diagrams and elements can be synchronized anytime to reflect the latest snapshot from the model! Prerequisites MDG Integration for Microsoft Office Key Features Insert Packages, Elements and Diagrams Read more about Publish model contents to PowerPoint presentations[…]